Almost 60 years of experience in manufacturing of demanding welded - machined - surface treated parts, assemblies and complete machines - ensure the expertise of demanding, versatile metal workshop works. Our experience, our skilled personnel, our good machinery and our active in the way we work creates considerable added value for our internationally oriented customers. We produce high quality machined parts and welded structures for our customers and provide high-quality assemblies by using the parts we are manufacturing ourself.

Katera Steel Oy offers wide range of services that can be customized individually to suit to every customer's needs. Our demanding customers, including machine manufacturers, factories, mines, construction companies, equipment suppliers and many other companies, appreciate our ability to do almost anything from steel. Our main business area is Finland, but a significant part of our production is exported through our customers which operate in the international markets. The basis for our operations is reliability, which is based on the good quality of our products, the versatility of our services and the fast and timely deliveries.

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We offer a all-inclusive services which include, in addition to part manufacturing, the final assembly of the devices as ready for delivery. We are professionals both in subcontracting and in contract manufacturing. Apart from the manufacture of steel structures, we also have comprehensive installation possibilities. Machine manufacturers, manufacturing plants, mines, construction companies, equipment suppliers and many other companies receive a comprehensive service from us including mechanical parts, hydraulics, pneumatics, automation and electrical installations.

We have several partner companies for which we operate as a production department. The customer saves time and money when not only the parts but also the assembly and installations of the device are made ready by us. We have the space and the opportunities to make test runs before delivering the machines to our customers. Logistics costs and so also extra work are reduced when the functionality of the equipment can be tested during manufacture. We will ensure that the quality standards are met and delivery times can be trusted.

For example, machine and equipment Industry, energy Industries, mining, process and chemical Industry, construction, steel, forestry and wood Industry are our customers.

Contract manufacturing of machinery and equipment

We will manufacture your machines according to your drawings from beginning to end. We work for several companies as their production department and we build their machines ready. We make all kind of metalworking, welding, machining, surface treatment, assembling, testing and pack up your machine. Our skilled fitters make high-quality mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, automation and electrical installations as well.


Demanding subcontracting of parts for machines and equipment

All kind of sheet metal work, machining, welding, surface treatment and final assembly

Our services include metalworking, machining, welding and surface treatment as well as final assembly of equipment and parts. Our manufacturing process has been refined to its peak, and as the end results are ready and high quality parts or products for our customers.

In addition to normal steel, we weld stainless steel and acid-proof steel. If necessary, we will make the assembling weldings and the final assembly.


The industrial construction

We manufacture a lot of products for the industry and we also install them. We mainly use our own skillful installation team but, if needed, we rely on the help of our partners.